• How do you ensure the quality of your vehicles?

    Our vehicles are inspected before we purchase them. Each vehicle in our inventory goes through a mandatory multi-point inspection to ensure that it meets the industry’s highest standards. You can enjoy your car worry-free as soon as it arrives on your doorstep!

  • Can I see a Carfax report?

    Of course! Every vehicle’s Carfax report is available on its listing on our website and mobile app.

  • What is the advantage of trading my current car to LMP?

    When you trade in your vehicle to LMP, your vehicle’s value will be applied to the purchase price of any vehicle you select. Depending on your state’s sales tax, this can save you thousands of dollars. For example, you would like to purchase a $25,000 vehicle from LMP and your trade-in is valued at $15,000. You are only responsible for paying the sales tax on the difference in price (in this case, the difference would be $10,000). At a sales tax rate of 6%, you would only pay $600 in sales tax instead of $1,500– a savings of $900!

  • How does the trade in process work?

    Simply, go to our Sell Your Car page on our website or mobile app to get an offer. The offer you receive from us is valid for seven days. You may choose to sell us your car for the offer or trade in your vehicle and apply the offer towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Once you have accepted our online offer, we will arrange for an inspection of your vehicle by a third-party inspection service for validation purposes.

  • Will you pick up my trade-in vehicle?

    Yes, and it’s free if your trade-in is located within 300 miles of any one of our physical locations. If you are more than 300 miles from one of our locations, one of our helpful transportation associates will help you arrange transportation at our discounted rates.

    If you are trading in your vehicle for one of ours, we can arrange to have your vehicle delivered when we pick up your trade-in.

  • How does delivery work?

    We will arrange to have your car delivered to you.If your new vehicle is being delivered within 300 miles of your purchase location delivery is free. If you are more than 300 miles from your purchase location, one of our helpful transportation associates will help you arrange transportation at our discounted rates. If you would like to pick your vehicle up from our location, we will cover up to $300 towards your airfare.

  • How do you deliver the vehicles?

    We use third party licensed and insured transport companies to deliver our customer’s vehicles.

  • How long does it take for my car to be delivered?

    Your car will typically be delivered to you within two to ten days, depending on where your vehicle is being delivered to.

  • What should I do when my vehicle arrives?

    Check to make sure that the vehicle is as described by LMP. Do NOT sign the delivery receipt until you have fully inspected the vehicle. If there are any issues, please call us immediately at (954) 895 – 0352. If you are trading in your vehicle, confirm that it is empty and free of all personal items.

  • Do I need to finance through LMP?

    No, you have the option of financing through us, but you may also finance through your own bank. You may also choose not to finance the vehicle and pay cash.

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